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Cross-section of the Rising Star Cave system

Underground Astronauts is the name given to a group of six scientists [1] who excavated the bones of Homo naledi from the Dinaledi Chamber in South Africa.[2][3] Hannah Morris, Marina Elliott, Becca Peixotto, Alia Gurtov, K. Lindsay (then Eaves) Hunter,[4] and Elen Feuerriegel were selected by expedition leader Lee Rogers Berger.[5][6]

In November 2013, the National Geographic Society and the University of the Witwatersrand funded an expedition called Rising Star Expedition for a twenty-one day excavation at the cave,[7] followed by a second expedition in March 2014 for a 4-week excavation in the Dinaledi Chamber. In total, the expedition retrieved 1,550 pieces of bone belonging to at least fifteen individuals, found within 1 m2 of clay-rich sediments.[8] They entered a narrow opening in the cave to reach the chamber where the bones were located,[9] and as the expedition was dangerous, they were named the Underground Astronauts.[10]

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