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Underground Voices
2012 print anthology
CategoriesNovels, novellas, memoirs, poetry chapbooks, short story chapbooks, e-shorts
PublisherCetywa Powell
Country United States
LanguageAmerican English

Underground Voices is an independent American book publisher. Originally started as an online literary magazine in 2004, it expanded into a small press in 2009. In 2013, it became an independent book publisher. Underground Voices is based in Los Angeles.

Awards and recognitions[edit]

Work published has been awarded or received honorable mention in the following:

Select books by Underground Voices[edit]

  • Petroleum Transfer Engineer by Richard Klin (2018; paperback 978-0998892337)
  • The Good Dead by Al Sim (2017; paperback 978-0998892313)
  • Super Sport by Ralph Bland (2017; paperback 978-0998892306)
  • The Pull of It by Wendy J. Fox (2016; paperback 978-0990433170)
  • Miraculous Fauna by Timmy Reed (2016; paperback 978-0990433156)
  • The Beginning Things by Bunny Goodjohn (2015; paperback 978-0990433163)
  • West by Whitney Poole (2015; paperback 978-0990433132)
  • The Demon who Peddled Longing by Khanh Ha (2014; paperback 978-0990433118)
  • Faulkner & Friends by Vicki Salloum (2014; paperback 978-0990433101)
  • Scars of the New Order by Scott Neuffer (2014; paperback 9780983045687)
  • The Collector of Tears by Michael C. Keith (2014; paperback 978-0983045670)
  • Scarred Canvas by RC Edrington (2013; paperback 978-0983045649)
  • From the UV Files (2012; paperback 978-0983045632)
  • Hotel Oblivion (2011; paperback 978-0983045625)
  • Last Train To Noir City (2010; paperback 978-0-9830456-0-1)
  • Chewing The Fat (2009; paperback 978-0615314754)

Select shorts from Underground Voices e-book series[edit]

  • Inferno by Jim Meirose (2017)[12]
  • Five Words That Can Cripple a Man by Max Mundan (2016)[13]
  • The Top Floor by Vince Reighard (2015)[14]
  • Hard to Learn. A novella by J.S. Kierland (2015)[15]
  • The Lightning Tree by Erin Pringle-Toungate (2015)[16]

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