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Underwater was an Atlanta, GA based trip-hop band formed in 1996 with Jeremy Wilkins on keyboards/programming/guitar and Melissa Mileski on vocals. Both Wilkins and Mileski were previously in the Florida-based ethereal-goth band, Rosewater Elizabeth.[1] The band later added Alec Irvin on drums and keyboardist/programmer/remixer, Matthew Jeanes.

The group's first album, I Could Lose, produced by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails, was released on Risk Records in 1998.[2][3] The band also released an independent single, RED., and a second full-length on their own label, sub:marine, entitled, This Is Not A Film. The band broke up in 2001 after various personal developments and tragedies. In 2007 Wilkins and Mileski temporarily reunited and released a new EP, Welcome Home, with an additional multi-instrumentalist, George Lewis III, on board.

After underwater, Wilkins went on to play with several bands, including Allegra Gellar, Hawks Do Not Share, We Are Parasols, and his solo project, bdRm.[4] He also runs Portland, OR based No Movement Records (previously Predator Friendly Records). Mileski was married and now goes by Melissa Morrisey. She is currently in the band, Gertrude Ross, with her husband, Bryan and has collaborated with Wilkins on his bdRm project. Jeanes records and performs as Larvae. Alec Irvin began using is given last name, Yeager, and has played in several bands including Vyie and We Are Parasols.[citation needed]


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