Underwater Love (film)

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For other uses, see Underwater Love.
Underwater Love
Underwater Love.jpg
Directed by Shinji Imaoka
Produced by Stephan Holl
Daisuke Asakura
Written by Shinji Imaoka
Fumio Moriya
Starring Sawa Masaki
Yoshiro Umezawa
Ai Narita
Music by Stereo Total
Cinematography Christopher Doyle
Distributed by Films Boutique
Release date
  • April 22, 2011 (2011-04-22) (Tribeca Film Festival)
Running time
87 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Underwater Love (UNDERWATER LOVE-おんなの河童- UNDERWATER LOVE Onna no kappa?) is a 2011 Japanese-German co-production. Germany’s Rapid Eye Movies and Japan’s Kokuei Company have created a whimsical pink film musical about a woman and a sea creature. It was directed by pink-film veteran Shinji Imaoka (Lunch Box, Frog Song), shot by famed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Hero and countless films by Wong Kar Wai) and offers music by Germany’s Stereo Total. Underwater Love was shot in 5 ½ days, one take only.


Asuka, a woman in her thirties, works in a lakeside fish factory. She’s about to be married to her boss, Taki. But one day, she encounters a kappa – a water sprite found in Japanese folklore – and learns that the creature is in fact the reborn form of Aoki, an old crush who’d drowned to death when they were 17.


  • Sawa Masaki (正木佐和) as Asuka Kawaguchi
  • Yoshiro Umezawa (梅澤嘉朗) as Tetsuya Aoki
  • Ai Narita (成田愛) as Reiko Shima
  • Mutsuo Yoshioka (吉岡睦雄) as Hajime Taki
  • Fumio Moriya (守屋文雄)
  • Hiroshi Satō (佐藤宏)

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