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Underwater Offence (Turkish Armed Forces)

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Underwater Offence Group Command
Su Altı Taarruz Grup Komutanlığı (SAT)
Country Turkey
AllegianceTurkish Armed Forces
BranchTurkish Navy
TypeSpecial Forces
  • "Any time, any place!"
  • "I fight where I am commanded, I win where I fight"
  • "The only easy day was yesterday"

The Underwater Offence (Turkish: Su Altı Taarruz), or SAT, is the special operations forces unit of the Turkish Navy, and the first and only navy commando unit of the navy, consisting of highly skilled soldiers selected from among the officers and petty officers of the Turkish Navy. They are affiliated with the Naval Operation Directorate.[1] During wartime, these units are responsible for carrying out stealthy attacks, sabotage, and raids on enemy strategic facilities including those located under water, over water, on land, or in the air. They also target floating platforms. The SAT participates in coastal reconnaissance tasked with obtaining information on coastal areas before deploying forces and maintaining control over foreign ports and underwater areas.[2]



The first SAT course was conducted on 1962 in the city of Iskenderun, with its first trainees graduating in 1963. The original name of the SAT unit was Su Altı Komando (S.A.K.) ("Underwater Commando") and was bound to the Kurtarma ve Sualtı Komutanlığı (K.S.K.), or Rescue and Underwater Command.

In 1974 the SAT group command became bound to the Turkish Navy's General Command, and participated in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus later that year. They conducted the beach reconnaissance missions prior to the amphibious landing of the Turkish Armed Forces at Pentamili beach near Kyrnia (20 July 1974). Other publicised operations of SAT commandos are as follows:[3]



The SAT's main tasks are:[7]

  • Surveillance on enemy structures, facilities, defense systems or strategically relevant buildings.
  • Covert sabotage against naval units and/or enemy structures.
  • Covert landing and infiltration.
  • Reconnaissance on behind-the-beaches being considered for amphibious landing operations.
  • Determining secure landing paths.
  • Direct action during first wave of landing missions.
  • Counter-terrorism missions.
  • Close quarters combat.



To specialize in SAT, individuals must successfully complete the 50-week SAT (Marine Commando) course. The first phase of the course is eight weeks dedicated to physical and fitness development. Trainees who pass the rigorous physical and sea exams move on to the underwater phase, which lasts eight weeks. During this phase, they undergo frog-man training.[8] After these phases are successfully completed, the land phase begins. In the land phase, it is called "hell week" after training on gaining a high level of land condition, swimming long distances in the water and getting on the boat, practicing VBSS, performing the task under pressure, getting rid of captivity, sea threats, long distance in the land, and finding targets. After intensive training, the land phase is completed. With these trainings, SAT specialists have the skills to sneak, sabotage and raid the enemy's coastal and floating targets.[9][10] Then, the training mostly consists of tactical floating platforms and aircraft. SAT trainees will train for about 15 hours a day.[11]



Underwater Offence Command specialists' equipment includes:[12]


Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles

Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Rockets & Explosives



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