Underwater cycling

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A cyclist wearing a scuba tank, fully submerged in a pool, pedals past a bicycle warning road sign.
Ashrita Furman set Guinness World Records' farthest distance cycled underwater, 3.04 km, in 2011.[1]

Underwater cycling is a racing sport[citation needed] using dense bicycles underwater. The rider wears scuba diving gear and rides a bicycle in an underwater course against other opponents.


Stepping off of one's bicycle is prohibited, resulting in disqualification. Aggressive acts such as pushing other racers are also forbidden.[citation needed]


The racers race through an underwater course that stretches out about a half-mile. 10 people are typically allowed to compete in these races. In the races, there are additional divers that monitor the race in case of emergency. There are most often two watchers per person.[citation needed]


The Underwater Bike Race is an annual charity fundraiser held in North Carolina.

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