Undivided Assam

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Undivided Assam refers to the then undivided greater state of Assam in India soon after the Indian Independence in 1947 till 1963. In addition to the present-day Assam, it included the current states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram. The capital of this state was Shillong, currently the capital of Meghalaya. [1]

Prior to the Partition of India, Sylhet was a part of Assam.

Undivided Assam had a total area of 234,568 sq. km which is slightly smaller than the nation of Ghana. The present day population of Undivided Assam will be 50 million which is slightly less than the population of South Korea.

Present day[edit]

After the partition, Undivided Assam was carved into following states:

Date State/UT Country Note
15 Aug 1947 Sylhet Bangladesh Bangladesh Merged with East Pakistan (Present day Bangladesh) after partition
15 Aug 1947 Assam India India Became states of Republic of India
1 Dec 1963 Nagaland
2 Apr 1970 Meghalaya
21 Jan 1972 Mizoram
21 Jan 1972 Arunachal Pradesh


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