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Temporal range: Late Jurassic,[1] 150.8–145.5 Ma
Ундорозавр (Ихтиозавр (Ichthyopterygia)) Музей палеонтологии. Ундоры. Ульяновская обл. Ноябрь 2013 - panoramio.jpg
Recosntructed skeleton
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Ichthyosauria
Family: Ophthalmosauridae
Subfamily: Platypterygiinae
Genus: Undorosaurus
Efimov, 1999
  • U. gorodischensis Efimov, 1999[2]
  • U. trautscholdi Arkhangelsky & Zverkov, 2014[3]

Ophthalmosaurus gorodischensisMaisch & Matzke, 2000

Undorosaurus is an extinct genus of ophthalmosaurid ichthyosaur known from western Russia.[1][2][3]


Undorosaurus was first known from the holotype UPM EP-II-20 (527), a partial three-dimensionally preserved skeleton which preserved partial skull. It was collected near the Volga river at Gorodische from the Epivirgatites nikitini ammonoid zone, dating to the Late Jurassic.[2] A second species, U. trautscholdi was described by M.S. Arkhangelsky and N.G. Zverkov in 2014 from a partial left forefin found in the locality of Mnevniki, in the Moscow Oblast.[3]

Maisch and Matzke (2000) regarded Undorosaurus to be a species of Ophthalmosaurus.[4] However, Storrs et al. 2000 rejected this synonymy based on the tooth morphology of the specimen.[5] Chris McGowan and Ryosuke Motani (2003) pointed out two noteworthy differences to Ophthalmosaurus, an incompletely fused ischiopubis and a remarkably strong dentition, and considered Undorosaurus to be a valid genus of ophthalmosaurid.[6] Undorosaurus's validity is now accepted by most authors, even by Maisch (2010) who originally proposed the synonymy.[7][8][9]

Zverkov & Efimov (2019) considered the genus Cryopterygius to be a junior synonym of the genus Undorosaurus. The authors considered the type species of the former genus, C. kristiansenae, to be synonymous with Undorosaurus gorodischensis; second species of Cryopterygius, C. kielanae, was tentatively maintained by the authors as a distinct species within the genus Undorosaurus.[10]


Undorosaurus was named by Vladimir M. Efimov in 1999 and the type species is Undorosaurus gorodischensis. The specific name is named after Gorodische, the type locality of this taxon.[2] U. trautscholdi is named in honor of the geologist H. Trautschold who collected and made the first description of the fossils of the holotype of the species.[3]

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