Une femme en prison

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"Une femme en prison"
Une Femme En Prison.jpg
Single by Stomy Bugsy featuring Kelly Rowland
from the album 4ème Round and Simply Deep
Released June 2003
Format CD single, CD maxi single, digital download
Genre French rap, R&B
Songwriter(s) Djam L, Maleko, Stomy Bugsy
Producer(s) Maleko, Djam L
Stomy Bugsy singles chronology
"Une femme en prison"
"Lève-toi et marque"
"Une femme en prison"
"Lève-toi et marque"
Kelly Rowland singles chronology
"Train on a Track"
(2003) Train on a Track2003
"Une femme en prison"
(2003) Une femme en prison2003
"Here We Go"
(2005) Here We Go2005

"Une femme en prison" (French: A Woman in Jail) is a song by Stomy Bugsy and Kelly Rowland which, upon release, was listed for four weeks on the SNEP France Singles chart, peaking at number 62. The single was released in France in 2003 and is taken from Stomy's album 4ème Round. It's also available as a bonus track on the French edition of Kelly's debut album Simply Deep.[1]

Track list[edit]

CD Single[2]
  1. "Une femme en prison" (feat. Kelly Rowland)
  2. "Viens avec moi" (feat. Newfel & Passi)
  3. "Viens avec moi" (feat. Nawfel)
  4. "Lascarface"



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