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Studio album by Sieges Even
Released 1997
Genre Progressive metal
Length 44:16
Label Under Siege Records
Sieges Even chronology
The Art of Navigating by the Stars
(2005)The Art of Navigating by the Stars2005

Uneven is the fifth studio album by the progressive metal band Sieges Even. It is the last album to feature Greg Keller on vocals and Wolfgang Zenk on guitar. It is also the last album the band released till 2005. The album, as its predecessor, features keyboard elements and is very aggressive in lyrics and in sound. The album is a very rare album and is only available overseas.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Disrespectfully Yours" − 3:49
  2. "What If" − 5:20
  3. "Trainsong" − 4:37
  4. "Rise and Shine" − 5:26
  5. "Scratches In The Rind" − 5:57
  6. "Different Pace" − 5:31
  7. "What's Up God?" − 6:09
  8. "Love Is As Warm As Tears" − 7:16

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