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Unexpected Productions (UP) is an improvisational comedy company in Seattle, Washington, USA. From their home at the Market Theater in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market, in Post Alley,[1] Unexpected Productions produces year-round shows, teaches improv classes, and hosts the Seattle International Festival of Improvisation.


Unexpected Productions was formed by three different improv groups as the “Seattle Theatresports League”, and was the first improv group in the US to perform Theatresports, which now holds the title of the longest running show in Seattle.[2][3] By 1988, the group was exploring many additional forms of spontaneous theatre, and the name was changed to “Unexpected Productions”. In June 2008, Unexpected Productions celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first Theatresports match.[4]

Actor Brendan Fraser is among the graduates of Unexpected Productions improv classes,[citation needed] and Joel McHale was a Theatresports cast member from 1993 to 1997.[5]

The Seattle International Festival of Improvisation[edit]

Unexpected Productions has, since 1997, hosted The Seattle Festival of International Improvisation. The festival gathers individual improvisers from around the world, who train together for a week long period, culminating in several performances. The festival has traditionally been held in June, around the anniversary of Unexpected Productions.[6]

Year Festival Theme
1993 The Seattle International Festival of Improv (No Specific Theme)
1997 All Female Cast
1999 Old Friends
2000 Get Out of your Skin
2001 Body and Soul
2002 Taking It Personally: Personal Stories, Collective Voices
2003 Stereotypes and Clichés
2004 Words, Sounds, Silence
2005 Blurred Lines
2006 Holding Up the Mirror
2007 Jazz
2008 Invisibility
2009 Zen
2010 Trinity: The Rule of Three
2011 The Fool
2012 Wabi Sabi
2013 Between You and Me: The Audience and Performer
2014 Serious Play

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