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Unfavorable Semicircle is the name of a series of channels on YouTube which garnered attention for the high volume and unusual nature of the videos they published. The BBC has referred to Unfavorable Semicircle as "YouTube's strangest mystery".[1] Unfavorable Semicircle has also been referred to as "one of the Top 10 Weirdest YouTube Channels"[2]


In March 2015, a YouTube account with the title Unfavorable Semicircle was created; the channel began uploading large numbers of videos on April 5.[3] The channel continued to post large numbers of videos all titled with the Sagittarius symbol and a random six digit number, but most lacking a description. The videos often display abstract, pixelated images. In some cases they show just a single dot in a field of solid brown. Some videos omit sound while some feature distorted sounds.[3] Some videos are only seconds in length, while others are much longer ⁠— ⁠one completely silent video was 11 hours in length.[3]

Attention and disappearance[edit]

Due to the volume of uploads and odd nature of the videos, observers started to take notice. Eventually a small community on Reddit formed to investigate the channel.[4] Speculation as to what the channel might be for includes: an alternate reality game, the work of an individual with a "disturbed mind",[1] a test channel similar to Webdriver Torso,[3] an online numbers station,[1] and outsider art. The account was suspended by YouTube in February 2016.[4]


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