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Ungma is located in Nagaland
Location in Nagaland, India
Coordinates: 26°19′N 94°32′E / 26.317°N 94.533°E / 26.317; 94.533Coordinates: 26°19′N 94°32′E / 26.317°N 94.533°E / 26.317; 94.533
Country  India
State Nagaland
 • Official English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Ungma is a historic village situated 10 km south of the heart of Mokokchung town in India. Ungma is one of the most ancient Ao villages and of great tourist interest to view the folklore, customs and traditions of Ao Naga. Ungma is one of the more developed villages in Nagaland.

Legends indicate the early Aos settled here first after coming from Chungliyimti before migrating to the rest of Ao areas. An old log drum in the village is worth visiting. There is also a beautiful Park on the outskirts of the village. Ungma celebrates most of the traditional festivals (Moatsu, Tsungremong, etc.) with much pomp and splendour.

The village is divided into two parts, Yimpang (North) and Yimlang (South). In the heart of the village, i.e., between Yimpang and Yimlang, the Baptist Church stands, reflecting the dominance of Baptist faith in the everyday life of the village.


In recent years, both Mokokchung and Ungma have grown due to increase in population and have become one continuous settlement. It is a part of the continuous settlements from Amenyong and Khensa in the Northwest and DEF colony in the Northeast through Mokokchung and Ungma up to Alichen in the south. This has resulted in an urban agglomeration that is the third largest in the state.

With a population of 7,189 people (2001 census), Ungma is the third largest Ao village as also the third largest village in Mokokchung district. Prior to this, Ungma enjoyed the privilege of being the largest Ao village as also that of Mokokchung District. However, by 2001 census, Chuchuyimlang and Changki had overtaken Ungma in terms of population. Recent population trend also suggest that Longjang may soon overtake Ungma as the third largest Ao village.

People, culture, festivals[edit]

The people are friendly and courteous. Almost the entire population is Christian. Christmas and New Year is a very good time to visit Ungma. The villagers begin to celebrate Christmas from the first week of December and continue until the new year.


Ungma falls under 26 Aonglenden Assembly Constituency of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. The ex-Chief Minister of Nagaland (the longest serving chief minister in Nagaland history), the ex-Governor of Goa and Maharashtra, S. C. Jamir, hails from this village. It is partly because of his towering personality that Ungma in particular and Mokokchung district in general has virtually become a bastion of the Indian National Congress Party.


Nature Park Ungma is a beautiful park located in the outskirt of the Village. It was built upon a hilltop, a place also known as Tzudir Yimka. The National Highway 61 (India) is adjacent with the park. Visitors comes here for entertainment varying from family picnics to weddings, seminars and educational tours. It is well maintained and remains open all through the week.