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The Unheard Music Series is an imprint of the American record label Atavistic Records. The series, running since 2000, is curated by Chicago writer and producer John Corbett and focuses mainly on free jazz recordings from the 1960s and 1970s. The series includes reissues of previously out-of-print recordings, notably from the catalog of the German label FMP, and also incorporates previously unreleased material. The project was conceived after Corbett received a fellowship to research material in German radio archives.[1] An initial blurb from the label's website stated: "Drawing from radio archives, private tapes, collections of rare vinyl, and all sorts of unreleased sessions, often working hand-in-hand with the artists themselves, the series will focus on filling gaps in the historical record and illuminating otherwise dark corners of the musical continuum."[2]

The series was launched in May 2000 with the reissue of four LPs by American musicians Joe McPhee and Fred Anderson, German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, and the Swedish group Mount Everest Trio. Since then there have been several new issues per year. The most frequently represented artist has been Brötzmann, while American bandleader Sun Ra has also been represented multiple times, as have McPhee and German pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach.


Catalog no. Artist Title Release date Notes
201 McPhee, JoeJoe McPhee Nation Time 2000-05-09 reissue; originally released on CjR
202 Mount Everest Trio Waves from Albert Ayler 2000-05-09
203 Russell's Chemical Feast, HalHal Russell's Chemical Feast Elixir 2001-06-19
204 Anderson, FredFred Anderson The Milwaukee Tapes Vol. 1 2000-05-09
205 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann Nipples 2000-05-09 reissue
206 Bennink, HanHan Bennink Nerve Beats 2000-09-05
207 Cuypers, LeoLeo Cuypers Heavy Days Are Here Again 2000-09-05
208 Nachtluft Belle-View I–IV 2000-09-05 reissue
209 Gregorio, GuillermoGuillermo Gregorio Otra Musica 2000-09-05
210 Tchicai, JohnJohn TchicaiIrène Schweizer Group Willi the Pig 2000-09-05 reissue
211 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann Fuck de Boere 2001-05-22
212 Johansson, Sven-ÅkeSven-Åke Johansson Schlingerland 2000-09-05
213 von Schlippenbach, AlexanderAlexander von Schlippenbach Hunting the Snake 2000-09-05
214 McPhee, JoeJoe McPhee Trinity 2001-03-20 reissue; originally released on CjR
215 Thomas, LutherLuther Thomas' Human Arts Ensemble Funky Donkey Vols. 1 & 2 2001-03-20 reissue
216 Rova Saxophone Quartet As Was 2001-03-20
217 Moslang–Guhl Knack On 2001-03-20 reissue
218 Anderson Quartet, FredFred Anderson Quartet Dark Day / Live in Verona 2001-09-18
219 Haazz & Company Unlawful Noise 2001-06-19
220 Starship Beer Nut Music 2001-05-22 reissue
221 Prehn Kvartet, TomTom Prehn Kvartet Tom Prehn Kvartet 2001-08-21 reissue
222 Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra Nuclear War 2001-08-21 reissue
223 von Schlippenbach, AlexanderAlexander von Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra Globe Unity 67/70 2001-09-25
224 Beresford Honsinger Toop Kondo Double Indemnity / Imitation of Life 2001-10-23
225 Thornton, CliffordClifford Thornton Freedom & Unity 2001-11-20 reissue
226 McPhee, JoeJoe McPhee Underground Railroad / Live at Holy Cross 2001-10-23 reissue; originally released on CjR
227 Thomas, LutherLuther Thomas' Human Arts Ensemble Banana: The Lost Sessions 2002-02-19
228 Christman/Müller/Smith/Williams White Earth Streak 2001 reissue
229 Van Hove, FredFred Van Hove Complete Vogel Recordings 2002
230 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann For Adolphe Sax 2002-06-04 reissue
231 von Schlippenbach, AlexanderAlexander von Schlippenbach The Living Music 2002-08-20
232 Schoof, ManfredManfred Schoof European Echoes 2002-08-20 reissue
233 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann Balls 2002-10-08 reissue
234 Haazz & Company Pleasure 2002 reissue
235 Schiano, MarioMario Schiano On the Waiting List 2004-05-18 reissue
236 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann More Nipples 2003-04-08
237 Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra Music from Tomorrow's World 2002-11-05
238 Gruntz, GeorgeGeorge Gruntz Mental Cruelty 2003-05-06
239 Alterations Voila Enough! 2003-05-06 Steve Beresford, David Toop, Terry Day, and Peter Cusack
240 von Schlippenbach Trio, AlexanderAlexander von Schlippenbach Trio Pakistani Pomade 2003-04-08
241 Dodds, BabyBaby Dodds Talking and Druum Solos / Country Brass Bands 2003-11-04
242 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann The Inexplicable Flyswatter 2003 book and enhanced CD
243 Sun Ra Spaceship Lullaby 2003-11-04
244 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann FMP 130 2003-09-09
245 Moholo/Stabbins/Tippett Tern 2003-09-09 reissue
246 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann Brötzmann Clarinet Project: Berlin DJungle 2004-07-27 reissue
247 Dudek, Niebergall, & Vesala Open 2004-07-27


248 Globe Unity Orchestra & the choir of the NDR-Broadcast Hamburg '74 2004-09-14
249 Wallin, Per HenrikPer Henrik Wallin Burning in Stockholm 2004-11-23
250 The Contemporary Jazz Quintet Actions 1966–'67 Collection 2005-04-12
252 Last Exit Köln 2005-07-25 reissue
253 Sirone Sirone Live 2005-07-12
254 Brötzmann/Bennink Schwarzwaldfahrt 2005-10-11
255 Scherf Trio, DieterDieter Scherf Trio Inside-Out Reflections 2005-09-13 reissue
256 McPhee, JoeJoe McPhee Pieces of Light 2005-10-11 reissue; originally released on CjR
257 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann Alarm 2006-06-06 reissue
258 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann Pica Pica 2006-07-25 reissue
259 Hazevoet, KeesKees Hazevoet and Bennink, HanHan Bennink Calling Down the Flevo Spirit reissue
260 Lacy, SteveSteve Lacy Esteem 2006-09-12
261 Gallio, Voerkel, & Frey Tiegel 2006-09-12
262 Brötzmann, PeterPeter Brötzmann The Complete Machine Gun Sessions 2007-07-21
263 Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra Strange Strings 2007-06-05
264 Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra The Night of the Purple Moon 2007-08-21
265 Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue 2008-01-29
266 Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra Secrets of the Sun 2008-10-07
267 Maneri, JoeJoe Maneri and Peter Dolger Peace Concert 2008-09-09


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