Unholy Love

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Unholy Love
Unholy Love poster.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Albert Ray
Produced by Albert Ray
Written by Frances Hyland (screenplay)
Gustave Flaubert (novel Madame Bovary)
Starring H. B. Warner
Lila Lee
Beryl Mercer
Joyce Compton
Lyle Talbot
Ivan Lebedeff
Jason Robards, Sr.
Kathlyn Williams
Richard Carlyle
Frances Rich
Wilson Benge
Al Bridge
Music by Abe Meyer
Cinematography Tom Galligan
Harry Neumann
Edited by Mildred Johnston
Albert Ray Productions
Distributed by Allied Film Corporation
Release date
June 9, 1932 (1932-06-09)
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Unholy Love (released in the United Kingdom as Deceit) is a 1932 American Pre-Code drama film, directed and produced by Albert Ray. It was the first film adaptation of the French novel Madame Bovary produced.[1]

The film was quickly forgotten when more successful film adaptations of Madame Bovary were produced thereafter, such as Jean Renoir's 1934 version and Vincente Minnelli's 1949 version.[2] For the 1932 film, Ray renamed all the characters and moved the location of the story to Rye, New York.[3]

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