Unholy Wars

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Unholy Wars by John K. Cooley

Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism is a book by John K. Cooley, a news correspondent. The book presents Cooley's account of U.S. policies and alliances, during the period 1979-89 vis-à-vis the Middle East, the flaws and the lacunae inherent in US handling of the affairs, and their contribution into the emergence of a form of terrorism which continues to affect several regions of the World.

Cooley has spent decades in the Middle East and the book is the result of his studies of the subject matter, and his interaction with a number of administrators, diplomats, politicians and the common people.


Unholy Wars is divided into eleven chapters noted below:

  1. Carter and Brezhnev in the Valley of Decision
  2. Anwar al-Sadat
  3. Zia al-Haq
  4. Deng Xiaoping
  5. Recruiters, Trainers, Trainees and Assorted Spooks
  6. Donors, Bankers and Profiteers
  7. Poppy Fields, Killing Fields and Drug lords
  8. Russia: Bitter Aftertaste and Reluctant Return
  9. The Contagion Spreads: Egypt and the Maghreb
  10. The Contagion Spreads: The Assault on America