União Democrática Ruralista

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União Democrática Ruralista (UDR) is a Brazilian right-wing association of farmers and activists.[1] In English, the party's name means "Democratic Association of Ruralists". Its current president is the representative for Goiás State, Ronaldo Caiado, of the Democratas (DEM) party.


União Democrática Ruralista opposes land reform and expropriation under its leader, Luiz Antonio Nabhan Garcia, a Brazilian farmer.[2] The organization was founded in 1985, following many expropriations of land in Brazil[2] and remains active under its Brasília based leadership. With tens of thousands of associates in all Brazilian states, UDR policy is to defend individual interests and private property. To the extent that the bourgeoisie accepts redistribution, it must be through the parceling of the land in hundreds of units after its legal dispossession.[clarification needed] The “model of private appropriation” is similar to the classical capitalistic agrarian redistribution that promotes agricultural modernization under the agro industries’ control of the settlers’ production process.[clarification needed][3] Through its many members of the Brazilian Congress, the UDR endorses landowner interests and opposes proposals in favour of an agrarian reform process.[4]


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