Unión Cordobesa de Rugby

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Córdoba Rugby Union
Unión Cordobesa de Rugby
Union Cordobesa de Rugby logo.png
Sport Rugby union
Founded 1931
President Gustavo Paz [1]
Men's coach Guillermo Taleb

The Córdoba Rugby Union (Spanish: Unión Cordobesa de Rugby) (also known for its initials UCR) is the organisational body that rules the game of rugby union in Córdoba Province (Argentina). Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes, with a capacity of 57,000, is used for rugby matches.


The union was founded on April 20, 1931, in order to encourage the practice of rugby union in Córdoba Province.

In recent years the union has become the fastest growing provincial union in the country, going from 19 clubs in the 1980s to around 40 clubs twenty years later.[2]

Provincial team[edit]

The Unión Cordobesa de Rugby is represented in the Campeonato Argentino, a competition in which each of the 24 unions that make up the Unión Argentina de Rugby (UAR) participate.

Córdoba's provincial team -nicknamed "Los Dogos" (The Mastiffs)-, has won the Campeonato Argentino 7 times to date, the last in 2012.[3]


"Los Dogos" kit


1995, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2012

Club competitions[edit]

Clubs from the province play in the Torneo de Córdoba. This provincial competition is divided into 2 main divisions: Zona Superior and Zona Ascenso.

The Superior division includes 12 clubs competing for the provincial title.

Member clubs[edit]

Clubs affiliated to UCR as of June, 2012:


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