Unión Santafesina de Rugby

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Santa Fe Rugby Union
Unión Santafesina de Rugby
Santa Fe RU logo.png
Sport Rugby union
Founded 3 August 1955
President Pedro Benet [1]
Website www.usr.org.ar

The Unión Santafesina de Rugby (Rugby Union of Santa Fe) is the governing body for rugby union in Santa Fe Province in Argentina.


In 1949 the Unión de Rugby del Río Paraná was founded. Its role was to represent and organise competitions for clubs from both Santa Fe and Entre Ríos provinces.

Due to different point of views the URRP was split in two soon after. Clubs from Entre Ríos would go on to form the Unión Entrerriana de Rugby and clubs from Santa Fe the Unión Santafesina de Rugby.


USR is one of the Argentine Rugby Union's 25 regional governing bodies. The union runs rugby competitions in the province of Santa Fe with the exception of Rosario clubs, who are part of the Unión de Rugby de Rosario.

The Union Santafesina also runs the Santa Fe team that represents the province in the Campeonato Argentino.

Along with clubs from Entre Ríos and Rosario, Santa Fe senior clubs compete in the Torneo del Litoral. A Santa Fe championship also exists for the clubs at underage levels.

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As of June, 2012:[2]

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