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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceThe Eternals vol. 1 #12 (Jun 1977)
Created byJack Kirby
In-story information
Alter egonot applicable
Team affiliationsEternals

The Uni-Mind is a fictional group mind appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Uni-Mind and the Eternals were the creation of Jack Kirby.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The Eternals first performed the Uni-Mind ceremony at the time of the Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis. Following the death of their father Kronos, Zuras and A'lars initiate the first Uni-Mind ritual, after they attained cosmic powers, to determine who shall lead the Eternals of Titanos as the Prime Eternal. Zuras was selected, and A'lars left Earth.[1] Since then, the Prime Eternal alone has the power to summon the Ritual, and produce the Blue Flame through which the Eternals fly, their forms physically becoming the Uni-Mind.

Many years later, Zuras summoned all of Earth's Eternals to unite the Uni-Mind in an attempt to communicate with the Celestials as an ambassador;[2] Zuras then dissolved the Uni-Mind once its mission was fulfilled.[3] Following Zuras's death, the majority of Earth's Eternals, largely from the city of Olympia, merged into a new Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind transformed the majority of Earth's Deviants into a stone block and cast it into outer space. The Uni-Mind then left for outer space to become a voyager and explorer, leaving behind only a handful of Eternals.[4] In time Ajak left its joining,[volume & issue needed] and possibly others as well.[volume & issue needed] The Uni-Mind recounted the defeat of the Deviant priest-lord Ghaur.[5]

Powers and abilities[edit]

A Uni-Mind is a collective being which is created by a significant number of Eternals merging their physical and mental beings into one organism, combining the collective psionic and cosmic energy of several hundred Eternals, which manifests itself as a gigantic brain-like organism. As such, it has an immeasurable intellect, and the composite knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of all its constituent beings. A Uni-Mind possesses vast psionic abilities across a wide range of mental talents, including levitation, psychokinesis, telepathy, the ability to project mental bolts of force, the ability to travel through the vacuum of space unharmed, and intellectual powers of information processing and problem-solving far beyond human understanding. Superior cosmic powers, such as those possessed by Celestials, are capable of unbinding the collective form of the Uni-Mind, breaking it down into its constituent beings.

Normally the Uni-Mind is a mental gestalt entity and collective intelligence of at least seven Eternals, but Uni-Minds have also been composed of Eternals, humans, Deviants and Brethren; Varua of the Young Gods is also able to create a joining with her fellow Young Gods which is similar to the Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind possesses all the powers, knowledge and combined intellect of those who are part of it, and all the participants share each other's knowledge and can gain new insights and perceptions. The Eternals often use it as a means to address problems or decisions that are deemed too difficult for them to solve as individuals.

It is also a vastly powerful entity which can project mighty energy bolts against enemies.


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