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UniKey Technologies
Access control
Home security
FounderPhil Dumas (president & CEO)
HeadquartersOrlando, Florida
BrandsKwikset Kevo
Number of employees

UniKey Technologies is an alternative access control company based in the United States that designs and licenses keyless entry technology worldwide. Its first product in partnership with Kwikset is Kēvo, a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt door lock.


UniKey Technologies was founded in 2010 in Florida by Phil Dumas, who serves as president and chief executive officer.[1][2] He has an electrical engineering degree from the University of Central Florida and a background in biometric security. Dumas was part of the team that launched SmartScan, the first mass-market biometric residential deadbolt lock. He started UniKey in an effort to create a more dependable and convenient way to access everything.[1][2][3]

UniKey Technologies first came to the public's attention in May 2012, when Dumas appeared on ABC's reality series Shark Tank.[4][5] UniKey received investment offers from all five judges on the show,[5] including an offer of $500,000 for a 40% equity stake from Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary.[1] Dumas accepted the offer, but they ultimately were unable to come to terms after the show.[1][2] By 2013, UniKey had raised approximately $2.6 million in funding, led by ff Venture Capital.[5] That year, UniKey announced a licensing deal with Kwikset, the largest residential lock manufacturer in the United States and one of the largest in the world, to manufacture and distribute Kēvo, a residential smart lock using UniKey's technology.[2][5]


Launched in 2013, Kēvo is the first Bluetooth-enabled touch-to-open smart lock.[6][7] Kēvo has the ability to detect a user's compatible smartphone or tablet via an app, to lock and unlock the door. The deadbolt lock senses when the user's phone is nearby and when it's outside; the phone emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal, allowing the door to be unlocked when the lock face is touched, making it unnecessary to interact with the phone in order to open the door. Users can grant unrestricted or temporary access to other phones as well. Kēvo also comes with a keychain fob that provides the same touch-to-open function as an authorized smart phone.[1][5][8][9] A prime security feature of the product is UniKey's Inside/Outside Intelligence, which detects whether a verified device is currently inside or outside the home. If an authorized device is known to be inside the house, unauthorized users are unable to activate Kēvo from outside. The system acts as a one-way filter that lets only authorized users pass through the entryway.[10]


In June 2014, UniKey and MIWA Lock Company announced a partnership to offer keyless entry to hotels. UniKey has developed a touch-to-open passive keyless entry system to be integrated into MIWA's existing radio-frequency identification hospitality locks. The keys are activated through smartphone apps. When guests check in through the app, they are sent their room number and the phone is enabled to act as a virtual key.[11][12] Following the MIWA partnership, UniKey is making its way into the commercial access control industry through partnerships with Grosvenor Technologies and Nortek Security and Control. The company has also expanded its international reach with a partnership with UK home security company ERA.[citation needed]


Date Event
April 2010 UniKey Technologies founded.[2]
May 18, 2012 Founder Phil Dumas appears on Shark Tank on ABC (season 3, episode 15).[4]
June 2012 UniKey receives venture capital funding.[5]
October 2013 UniKey's first product, Kēvo, made available in the US (through Kwikset) and Canada (through Weiser).[13]
June 2014 UniKey partners with MIWA to offer keyless entry to hotels.[11]
April 2015 UniKey receives 10 million dollars in Series A Round.[14]
October 2015 UniKey partners with ERA to bring the first smart lock to the UK.[15]
September 2016 UniKey partners with Haven Lock to produce Haven Connect.[16]
December 2016 UniKey Partners with Leader in Global Access Control Solutions, Grosvenor Technology.[17]
April 2017 UniKey Partners with leader in security, home control, and wellness tech, Nortek Security & Control.[18]
June 2017 UniKey receives 5 million dollars in Venture Capital.[19]
January 2018 UniKey and RemoteLock Partnership[20]
April 2018 UniKey Technologies and the Hillman Group launch KeyHero[21]
April 2018 UniKey Technologies and WaveLynx Partnership[22]


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