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Uniacke Square is a public housing residential area in the north central area of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is flanked in the northeast by Brunswick Street and to the southwest by Gottingen Street.


Uniacke Square was opened on May 7, 1966 as a 250-unit housing project.[1] A library sits to the southeast, on Gottingen St., and a community centre, the George Dixon Centre, to the northwest. It was built to house the displaced population of Africville whose roots go back to refugees of the War of 1812, the Underground Railroad and American Civil War period. Homes in Africville were torn down as part of an urban renewal scheme between 1964 and 1967. Most of the residents of Uniacke Square are not descendants of the people who lived in Africville but rather residents from other areas in Halifax that moved to the area.[citation needed]

The neighbourhood around the Square is home to a number of front-line service agencies. There were four such agencies in the Gottingen Street area when Uniacke Square opened; today there are 20, including Adsum House for homeless and abused women and their families, Turning Point for homeless men and Hope Cottage, which provides meals to those who need them.

Present day[edit]

Today, two-thirds of the residents of the Square are women, and two-thirds are under 25. Unemployment nudges 60 percent. About one-third of the population are African Canadians, the percent of African Canadians once accounted for the majority of the population.

Uniacke Square supports a satellite police station, a parent resource centre, a small church and an office of the Salvation Army. Uniacke Square also has a community centre, The George Dixon Centre, named after the first Canadian boxing champion George Dixon, Centreline Studio a community based recording Studio and also home of the Uniacke Centre for Community Development


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