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Unicomp, Inc
FoundedLexington, Kentucky, United States April 1996 (1996-04)
HeadquartersLexington, KY, United States

Unicomp is a manufacturer of computer keyboards and keyboard accessories. The company is based in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.


Unicomp was founded in April 1996 when they purchased the license, tooling and the rights to the design for the buckling-spring keyboard technology (the technology behind the famous IBM Model M and many other keyboards) from Lexmark International, Inc.


Near-view from the side of a black Unicomp SpaceSaver 104 (UNI0P4A) keyboard.

Unicomp's product line historically consists mostly of IBM or Lexmark-originated designs, or slight modifications of those designs. For example, Unicomp's Classic (formerly called Customizer) 101 is essentially a renaming of IBM's 42H1292 (a later variant of IBM's Model M) keyboard, with the same non-detachable cable, drain holes in case of beverage spillage, and built on the same machines as the original. Other than the manufacturer's logo, the only changes to the Classic 101 from IBM's 42H1292 are the additional option of a black-colored case with lighter-gray keys and availability of the keyboard with a USB cable. A lighter variant of the Unicomp Classic containing thirty percent less plastic is sold under the name Ultra Classic (formerly called SpaceSaver). A variant of the Ultra Classic, still sold under its former name as the SpaceSaver M, is intended for Macintosh computers as a buckling-spring replacement for the laptop-style Apple Keyboard. Special requests are also handled, at additional cost.

Recently, Unicomp has begun expanding their product line. Due to customer demand showing that this was no longer a special request, Unicomp now sells beige, black, and colored key caps, with printing and without. In addition, Unicomp sells replacement parts for older IBM/Lexmark keyboards, and will repair just about any keyboard manufactured by themselves, IBM, or Lexmark.


Unicomp's entire product line is manufactured in the United States at their Lexington factory, and include an 18-month warranty, except for the Value Plus/SK-720C and SK-7500 wireless, which are manufactured by contract manufacturer SiliTek, a division of the Taiwanese peripheral manufacturer LiteON.

Unicomp's products can be purchased at their online shop or by telephone. In addition, Unicomp offers custom design services which allow consumers to special order modified variants of existing keyboards with custom coloration (color scheme) and/or layout (e.g. AZERTY or DVORAK).


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