Unicon (Maryland science fiction convention)

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Status Defunct
Genre Science fiction
Location(s) Maryland
Country United States
Inaugurated 1975
Most recent 1989

Unicon was an annual science fiction convention held in Maryland and at least once in Washington, D.C. from 1975 through 1989.

Unicon was born in the early 1970s on the second floor of the Stamp Student Union building at the University of Maryland, College Park. Unicon stood for University Convention. The University of Maryland Science Fiction Club was the organizing body. The club originally began as an open university course on science fiction with Stephen Rynas, a university junior, as the instructor.

Unicon I was held at the Interstate Inn on Route 1 in College Park. The Guest of Honor was Frederik Pohl.

Unicon outgrew any facilities in College Park and moved to the Silver Spring Sheraton (now a Hilton, where four Capclaves were held) for a successful run into the 1980s.

List of Unicons[edit]

Number Year-Mo-Days Site Featured Guests Chair(s)
1 1975 College Park Interstate Inn Frederik Pohl
2B 1976 University of Maryland Student Union L. Sprague de Camp, Ted White
3 1977 7 8-10 Silver Spring Sheraton Clifford D. Simak
4 1978 7 7-9 Silver Spring Sheraton Theodore Sturgeon Theodore L. Manekin, Randy Brunk
5 1979 7 20-22 Shoreham Americana,
Washington, D.C.
Robert Bloch Sue Ruth, Natalie Paymer, Theodore L. Manekin
6 1980 7 18-20 Silver Spring Sheraton James P. Hogan Clinton Winchester, Theodore L. Manekin
1981 none
82 1982 7 16-18 Silver Spring Sheraton Hal Clement, Robert A. Madle, Karl Kofoed Clinton Winchester, Jim Williams
8 1983 7 15-17 Silver Spring Sheraton Joan D. Vinge, Michael J. Walsh, Teanna Lee Byerts, Jim Frenkel Clinton Winchester
84 1984 7 20-22 Silver Spring Sheraton Gene Wolfe, Dawn Wilson, Peggy Rae Pavlat Clinton Winchester
10 1985 7 19-21 Silver Spring Sheraton Michael Shea, Val Lakey Lindahn, Arthur W. Saha Paul Parsons
UniContinuity Party 1986 7 26 Church of the Ascension,
Silver Spring
87 1987 7 17-19 Annapolis Holiday Inn David Brin, David Mattingly, Marty Gear Clinton Winchester
12 1988 7 22-24 Annapolis Holiday Inn Vernor Vinge, Ned Dameron Clinton Winchester
13 1989 7 14-16 College Park Holiday Inn Tim Powers, Debbie Hughes, Mark Maxwell Paul Parsons


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