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UniCredit Bank
Founded 1991 - Ion Tiriac Bank
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania
Key people
Dan Corneliu PASCARIU,
President of the Supervisory Board
Catalin Rasvan RADU, CEO
Products Commercial banking, Investment banking, Private banking, Asset management
Revenue Increase 1.52 billion RON (31 December 2015)
Increase 269.5 million RON (31 December 2015)
Total assets 34.6 billion RON (31 December 2015)
Website www.unicredit.ro

UniCredit Bank is a leading European Bank, member of UniCredit Group, with a network of 8.500 branches in 17 European countries and it is present in another 50 international markets[1]

Being one of the top 5 banks on the Romanian market,[2] UniCredit Bank has 208 branches and almost 3000 employees.[3] At the end of 2015, the bank had total assets in amount of 34,6 billion RON and included approximately 600.000 active customers.[4]

Among the offered services are: financial solutions for individuals, SMEs, companies and freelancers. UniCredit Bank is recognized for specializing in the real estate market[5] and is the only bank with a dedicated real estate department. In addition, the bank offers cross border solutions, through which the bank manages the customer’s banking relations in multiple countries, ensuring that they receive the same quality of service as in their country. In 2012 and 2013, the prestigious Euromoney magazine awarded UniCredit Bank Award “Best Bank for Cash Management in Romania.[6] Also, UniCredit Bank is recognized for his services to Online Banking in 2009 recorded the highest value of transactions in Romania by Online Banking.[7] In October 2012, UniCredit Bank launched Mobile Banking [sic] application that allows customers to access banking services at any time, with minimum effort and securely available with a mobile phone with Internet access. Thus, UniCredit Bank is among the banks in Romania to implement mobile Banking service for almost any phone or tablet: iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, etc.[8]

UniCredit Bank launched in March 2012 the first virtual branch on Facebook from Romania, where customers can chat live via a secure connection, with the bank’s consultants. Also, e-branch provides easy access to Online Banking and Business Net offer the possibility to download brochures about UniCredit Bank services and programs, for individuals or legal entities, to verify the map, to locate the nearest branch or ATM BNA network, or exchange rate, updated in real time.[9]


Ion Tiriac Bank was founded in 1991, and then in June 2005 it merged with HVB Bank Romania.[10] In the merger moment in 2005, Ion Tiriac Bank has a network of 60 units, total assets of 706 million (31 March 2005) and a market share of 2.9%, which ranks 11th in the banking system in Romania.[11] Meanwhile, HVB Bank Romania is ranked in the top seven banks in the local market, with total assets of around 1.4 billion euros with 320 employees in 12 branches and nearly 32,000 customers. In 2008, UniCredit Bank acquired subsidiary Banca di Roma in Romania[12] as part of a larger merger, through which UniCredit took Capitalia banking group who held also Banca di Roma. Banca di Roma, Bucharest Branch, had assets of £165.3 million at the end of 2005.[13]

In August 2013, UniCredit Bank and RBD Romania announced the completion of the legal transfer of the Retail and Royal Preferred Banking Business of RBS (Bank) Romania S.A. towards UniCredit Bank S.A. and UniCredit Consumer Financing IFN S.A.. Included in this transfer were the personal use credits, the mortgage credits for property investitions, the credit cards, the current accounts and the products and services related to the deposits, the economy accounts, the debit cards, the overdraft accounts and the iBanking service.

UniCredit Tiriac changed its name to Unicredit Bank starting August 2015 following the acquisition by Unicredit Bank Austria AG of shares representing 45 pct of UniCredit Tiriac Bank S.A owned by Tiriac Holdings Ltd.[14]

Social involvement projects[edit]

UEFA Champion League Partnership

In 2009, UniCredit and UEFA Champions League signed a partnership for 3 seasons (2009-2012),[15] which debuted in UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour.[16] [17] This major event gave football fans the opportunity to see closely the UEFA Champions League trophy and enter into the prestigious sports competition atmosphere. Champions League Trophy Tour has traveled through most of Europe and took place in three stages. [18] The first group of countries visited by the famous trophy included Italy, Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. A second group of countries was visited in 2010, a third in 2011[19] and a fourth in the fall of 2012.[20] Romania was the only country visited[21] where the trophy has traveled through several cities, and then stayed in the capital for several days. Therefore UniCredit Bank trophy traveled through 5 cities: Arad,[22] Timisoara,[23] Sibiu,[24] Brasov[25] and Pitesti ,[26] and was exhibited in Bucharest[27] for 3 days, the Trophy Tour Village, an exhibition which recreated the atmosphere UEFA Champions League for football fans.[28] Along with organizing UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour, the bank has been actively involved in supporting local schools football teams, giving sports equipment and encouraging them to achieve high performances.[29] Since 2012, UniCredit has extended its partnership with UEFA Champions League until 2015, while becoming the Official Bank of the UEFA Champions.[30] UEFA announced that Milan-based commercial bank UniCredit will remain an official partner of the UEFA Champions League, and will extend its partnership to become an official partner of the UEFA Europa League for the upcoming 2015-18 cycle.[31]


  • Euromoney Trade Finance Survey 2016:UniCredit Bank, #1 Trade Finance Provider in Romania[32]
  • Euromoney Trade Finance Survey 2015: UniCredit Bank, #1 Trade Finance Provider in Romania[33]
  • Euromoney Cash Management survey 2015: UniCredit Bank, Best cash management bank[34]
  • Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2014: UniCredit Bank, #1 Private Banking Bank in Romania[35]
  • ADC * E Awards Gala 2012: Gold Trophy banking section and TV category[36]
  • Euromoney Cash Management 2012: "The best cash management bank in Romania - Unicredit Bank"[37]
  • People for People Gala 2011:The best program Goodwill Marketing - UniCredit Bank with the draft UNICEF cards - 1% for parent-child salons[38]
  • "Nine O'Clock" Award Banker of the Year 2010 - Rasvan Radu, CEO of UniCredit Bank[39]
  • People for People Gala 2010: Best corporate volunteer program - "Matching Gift" of UniCredit Bank[40]
  • Financial Market 2010: Best Retail - UniCredit Bank[41]
  • Effie Awards 2010: Bronze award - Headvertising (Unicredit Bank - Bumper Cars Reloaded)[42]
  • People for People Gala 2010: The press jury award for communication - Cicloteque project[43]
  • Civil Society Gala 2009: Cicloteque won the second place to “Environmental Protection” Section[40]
  • People for People Gala 2009: The most impactful intervention in the community through sponsorship provided by a company, UniCredit Bank Cicloteque project[44]
  • Euromoney: Real Estate Excellence Award 2007 for UniCredit Bank[45]



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