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Iron Savior Unification.jpg
Studio album by Iron Savior
Released January 11, 1999
Recorded June – September 1998 at Powerhouse Studio, KARO Studio, and Hansen Studio
Genre Power metal, heavy metal
Length 73:11
Label Noise
Producer Piet Sielck, Iron Savior
Iron Savior chronology
Iron Savior

Unification is the second studio album by the German power metal band Iron Savior. It continues the science fiction story that began on the first album Iron Savior.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Piet Sielck, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Coming Home" 5:25
2. "Starborn" 4:36
3. "Deadly Sleep" (Kai Hansen) 5:09
4. "Forces of Rage" 5:46
5. "Captain's Log" 1:02
6. "Brothers (Of the Past)" 4:42
7. "Eye to Eye" 5:51
8. "Mind Over Matter" 5:34
9. "Prisoner of the Void" 4:43
10. "The Battle" 5:46
11. "Unchained" 6:09
12. "Forevermore" (Hansen) 5:15
North American and European edition bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
13. "Gorgar (Version '98)" (Helloween cover) Hansen 4:06
14. "Neon Knights" (Black Sabbath cover) Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward 3:53
15. "Dragonslayer" (performed by Excelsis) Excelsis 5:24
  • The Swiss power metal band Excelsis won a band competition on Iron Savior's 1998 Atlantis Falling tour, earning them a guest spot on Unification.[A]


Iron Savior
Additional musicians
  • Uwe Lulis – guitar solo on "The Battle"
  • Claudia Solms – female choir vocals on "Forevermore"
  • Jason Breitwege – narrator's voice on "Captain's Log"
  • Piet Sielck – producer, engineer, mixing
  • Kai Hansen – additional mixing on "Deadly Sleep"
  • Iron Savior – additional production
  • Kristian Huitula – cover artwork
  • Marisa Jacobi – other artwork
  • Melanie Dreysse – photos


  1. ^ Iron Savior Unification liner notes: "Excelsis, winner of the RockHard band battle competition during the Atlantis Falling tour '98."[1]


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