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Unifor Logo.jpg
Founded2013; 8 years ago (2013)
Headquarters205 Placer Court, Toronto, Ontario
Key people
Jerry Dias (President)
AffiliationsIndustriALL, ITF, IFJ

Unifor is a general trade union in Canada and the largest private sector union in Canada. It was founded in 2013 as a merger of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers unions, and consists of 310,000 workers and associate members in industries ranging from manufacturing and media to forestry and fishing.[1] In January 2018, the union left the Canadian Labour Congress, Canada's national trade union centre, to become independent.[2]

The union elected Jerry Dias, a former union leader at de Havilland's facility in Downsview, as its first president on August 31, 2013.[3]

Split from Canadian Labour Congress[edit]

On January 16, 2018, the National Executive Board of Unifor decided unanimously to discontinue affiliation with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and become independent. In a notice posted on their website, they stated their reasons for the split were due to CLC and its affiliates lack of action and will in addressing alleged aggressive and undemocratic tactics of US-based unions towards Canadian locals.[4] The CLC accused Unifor of leaving the congress in order to engage in "raiding" (soliciting members of another union) following an announcement that UNITE HERE Local 75 in Toronto would leave UNITE HERE and join Unifor.[5] CAW, one of Unifor's predecessors, had previously been expelled from the CLC in 1998 due to accusations of raiding.

Local 1285[edit]

Unifor Local 1285
FoundedMay 12, 1961
Headquarters23 Regan Road, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L7A-1B2, 905.451.8310
  • Canada
7242 (Sept. 2008)
Parent organization
Formerly called
Canadian Auto Workers Local 1285

Unifor Local 1285 (formerly Canadian Auto Workers Local 1285) is an amalgamated local, representing automotive workers in Brampton, Canada. It is the largest private sector union local in Brampton.[6]

In February 2019, Unifor featured on the Canadian broadcast of Super Bowl LIII to broadcast a commercial protesting General Motors' decision to close the Oshawa Car Assembly plant. Two days prior to the commencement of the game, Unifor received a letter from GM Canada demanding that the commercial as well as an online advert boycotting Mexican-manufactured GM vehicles be discontinued, alleging they were "designed intentionally and maliciously to mislead Canadian consumers and forever tarnish GM's reputation with them". In defiance of such demands, the advertisement aired as scheduled, with Unifor intending to display it during other major events.[7][8]

Saskatchewan Crown Corporations[edit]

Most of Saskatchewan’s Provincial Crown Corporations employ Unifor members.

On September 30, 2019, approximately 5,000 Unifor members from all of the above locals began a work-to-rule campaign after failing to negotiate new contracts with the provincial government. By October 4, the job action had escalated into a strike, as all of those workers walked off the job and began picketing, with the exception of those workers working essential roles such as 911 operators, power outage dispatchers, and natural gas leak responders.[13][14]


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