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Founded September 2008
Headquarters New York, Portland, Florida
Founder(s) Jordan Goldman (CEO from 2008 - 2014)
Industry Internet
Website http://unigo.com, http://b2e.unigo.com, http://preptalk.tv, http://unigoconnect.com, http://estudentloan.com

Unigo is an online business matching students with colleges, scholarships, internships, student loans, majors and careers.

According to USA Today, “millions of students use Unigo to assist in their college search.”[1] Education publisher McGraw-Hill wrote “Unigo is the largest and most authoritative library of college reviews on the internet.”[2]

In 2014, Unigo was acquired by EDPlus Holdings, LLC.[3] In July 2016, EducationDynamics announced their acquisition of Unigo.com, along with EStudentLoan.com.[4]


Unigo’s consumer website, Unigo.com, includes 650,000 college reviews, 3.6 million scholarships, 90,000 internships and 3.3 million study materials,[5] as well as a marketplace of 20,000 academic tutors, professional college counselors and online courses.[6] The site has 2 million registered users and receives 14 million unique visitors per year.[7]

Media Partnerships[edit]

Unigo powers college information for many mainstream media brands including U.S. News & World Report,[8] ABC News,[9] Money Magazine[10] and The Huffington Post.[11] Unigo co-founded the brand WSJ On Campus with The Wall Street Journal[12] and created the 152-page print title "The USA Today / Unigo College Guide" with USA Today.[13] Unigo created curriculum and tutoring services with McGraw-Hill Education taught in high schools across the country.[14]

Education Services[edit]

At B2e.unigo.com,[15] Unigo provides enrollment and market research services to more than 50 colleges and universities. Unigo also owns and operates Cinergy Education, a leader in higher education marketing services.[16] Unigo owns and operates additional businesses called PrepTalk[17] and UnigoConnect[18] that license technology to colleges to help them improve their recruitment, student retention and alumni networking goals.

Student Loans[edit]

Unigo owns the student loan marketplace estudentloan.com[19] and powers student loan information for Bankrate.com.[20] Unigo also has a division called Unigo Student Funding that partners with colleges to originate and service student loans.[21]


Unigo’s investors include The Wall Street Journal,[12] McGraw-Hill Ventures[22] and Aequitas Capital.[23] The company has been awarded education grants by Facebook, The Gates Foundation and The NYC Board of Education.[24] It has received recognitions from The Webby Awards,[25] the Association of Educational Publishers, the Viacom Foundation and The White House.[26] Unigo reaches more than 50% of all college-bound students and provides services to approximately 9 million consumers each year.[23]


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