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Unilalian Iconography.jpg
Unilalian iconography, 10900 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, California. circa 2017
Years active2010s–present
CountryUnited States, primarily the Bay Area and Washington state
InfluencesAdrian Piper, Guy Debord, Julia Kristeva, John Zerzan

Unilalianism (/junɨˈleɪ.li.ən.ɪzəm/) refers to an underground art and aesthetic movement developed by a small group of performance artists and is guided by one central motivation – the deconstruction of the object as an organizing principle of perception. Unilalianism's etymology is related to Charles Richet's 1905 coinage of xenolalia, the linguistic phenomenon of echolalia, and the religious preoccupation and putative observation of glossolalia. In the case of all three, speech and language lie at the center of attention, providing insight into the direction of Unilalian inquiry.

The Unilalia Group (2018-present)[edit]

Background and Incorporation (2016–2018)[edit]

After dropping out of both Cornish College of the Arts (2016) and California College of the Arts (2017), Ellis A. Wilson took it upon himself to establish his own creative imprint as an independent artist of color. Without an institutional cosign or representation from a third party agency, the arrival of Unilalianism was quietly received by a very small audience, culminating in a presentation given at the Evergreen State College in mid-2018[1] followed by the incorporation of the Unilalia Group LLC. The Unilalia Group is a privately funded label and research archive dedicated to facilitating the completion of Unilalian artworks and productions, formed as a partnership between brothers, representing a consolidation of creative assets. Operating in and around the Seattle area, its work consists of managing a growing collection of multimedia and semiotic projects, an interrelated group of installations.

To Unilalia: Official Trailer
EP by
ReleasedJuly 5, 2019 (2019-07-05)
RecordedPrivate studio, Olympia, Washington
LabelThe Unilalia Group
  • Ellis Wilson - Additional Production
  • C Medina
  • Idly Blare
Ellis A. Wilson chronology
To Unilalia: Official Trailer
Singles from To Unilalia: Official Trailer
  1. "Sally"
  2. "Blotter Baby"
  3. "Psilocybin & Orangina"

Record Label (2018–present)[edit]

As a recording label, the Unilalia Group is responsible for facilitating an investigation of "post-rap", psychedelic soul, R&b, and otherwise baroque styles of alternative hip-hop – described as "strange Ugly Mane-esque satirical seriousness", its flagship artists continue to demonstrate this with each successive release.[2] To further officiate the label's launch, cofounder Carter Wilson released !!!!! on June 8, 2018. Eleven days later, an article for indie music blog called Musiconthedot was published.[3] The label then continued with its consecutive releases of This and That, the former featuring a minor vocal contribution from Olympia based vocalist Isadore Noir and the latter featuring contributions from Tacoma based artist Skully Vega. Happening in tandem to these releases was the development of Dogma 19, a particular approach to low-budget music production designed to rejuvenate and emphasize the role of the vocalist in the context of creating effective narrative records.[4]

On July 5, 2019, the Unilalia Group released To Unilalia: Official Trailer, an extended play previewing a larger narrative work by Ellis Wilson.


Year ASIN No. Artist Title
2018 B07FZSBLDL Carter Wilson !!!!!
2019 B07TYC8XMF Ellis Wilson To Unilalia: Official Trailer
B07VGSJBHB Carter Wilson Gift Makes Room
B07XFM88JX !!!!! (Deluxe Edition)


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