Uninvited (1999 film)

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Directed byCarlo Gabriel Nero
Written byJames Gabriel Berman (novel)
Carlo Gabriel Nero
StarringElizabeth Banks
Vanessa Redgrave
Franco Nero
Eli Wallach
Adam Hann-Byrd
Music byCarlo Siliotto
CinematographyGiancarlo Ferrando
Edited byPaolo Benassi
Distributed byVine International Pictures
Release date
19 May 2000 (Italy)
Running time
90 min
United States

Uninvited is a 1999 Italian thriller film directed by Carlo Gabriel Nero and starring Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero. It premiered at the Mar del Plata Film Festival in Argentina on 26 November 1999 before its release in Italy on 19 May 2000.


Tony has lusted after Patricia his whole life, ever since high school his yearning never ceased, but he was only ever to appreciate her from a distance. Tony becomes a victim of his own heart when he is named chief suspect to the murder of Patricia, her husband and her children. As Tony is incarcerated his lawyer, Barolo struggles to make a case of defence. Meanwhile, Tony struggles to come to terms with Patricia's death.[1]


  • Vanessa Redgrave as Mrs. Ruttenburn
  • Franco Nero as Avvocato Ralph Barolo
  • Eli Wallach as Strasser
  • Adam Hann-Byrd as Young Tony Grasso
  • Kevin Isolad as Tony Grasso
  • Bethel Leslie as Mrs. Wentworth
  • Stephen Mendillo as Vincent Grasso
  • Patricia Dunnock as Rose Grasso
  • Olivia Birkelund as Patricia Macchiato Carver
  • Barton Tinapp as Kirk Carver
  • Jessica Munch as Young Patricia
  • Jennifer Wiltsie as Charlotte Celeste Hinney
  • Nick Sandow as Ed
  • Tommy J. Michaels as Koosh


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