Uninvited Guests

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"Uninvited Guests"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no. Series Four
Episode 038
Directed by David Croft
Story by Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced by David Croft
Original air date 11 December 1970, 8.00pm
(recorded Friday 04/12/70)
Running time 30 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"A. Wilson (Manager)?"
Next →
"Fallen Idol"

Uninvited Guests is the twelfth episode of the fourth series of the British comedy TV series Dad's Army that was originally transmitted on Friday, 11 December 1970.


Following the bombing of ARP HQ, Hodges moves his wardens into the church hall alongside the Home Guard. Mainwaring, appalled by this development, protests to the vicar, Area HQ, the Civil Defence people and a fellow Rotarian, and eventually Hodges' mob are ordered to leave, but not for another week.


While Mainwaring is testing his new communication system, talking through sweet tins strung together by string, trouble is brewing on the horizon. The ARP Headquarters has been bombed the previous night, and the town clerk and vicar have given them permission to move in with the Home Guard at the parish hall. Mainwaring, naturally, is appalled at having to share his office with Hodges, and the hall with his "rabble". He orders his men to get rid of him, and Corporal Jones chases him out with a bayonet.

Hodges returns, this time with the vicar and the verger and takes over half the hall. The Home Guard platoon struggle to come to terms with this new sharing arrangement, and even Walker who's usually shrewd in business is unimpressed, through he takes the chance to sell the Wardens a 'firelighter' to light the stove. While Mainwaring and Hodges are wrestling for control of the office telephone, a call comes through warning them of a fire that has started at a large building next to St Aldhems church. After initially calling for the fire brigade, they realise that it is in fact their own headquarters burning, and the chimney set alight by Walker's firelighter.

The Wardens and Home Guard combine forces to try to put it out, entailing a rooftop drama with a hose and buckets of water. Eventually Wilson puts out the fire with a pinch of salt, despite Hodges's scepticism. Just as they are about to exit the roof, Mainwaring, Hodges and their men are trapped in a thunderstorm by a falling ladder, leading Mainwaring to ask Wilson if "the Fire Brigade wouldn't mind popping round".



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