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This page lists the results of leadership elections held by the Union Nationale. Before 1961 leaders were chosen by the caucus.

Leadership 1936-1961[edit]

The Union Nationale (UN) was formed at a caucus of Conservative Party of Quebec and Action libérale nationale MLAs on June 20, 1936. Conservative leader Maurice Duplessis was chosen leader of this new party.

Duplessis led the party until his death on September 7, 1959. On September 10 the caucus elected Paul Sauvé as leader and became premier the following day. Sauve in turn died on January 2, 1960. Antonio Barrette was elected by the caucus on January 7 as leader and became premier the next day.

Following the UN's defeat in the 1960 general election Barette resigned as UN leader on September 15, 1960. The caucus elected Yves Prévost as interim leader the following day. He resigned on January 11, 1961 and was succeeded as interim leader by Antonio Talbot.

1961 leadership convention[edit]

(Held September 23, 1961)[1]

Yves Gabias and Maurice S. Hebert withdrew before balloting.

Johnson died on September 26, 1968. Jean-Jacques Bertrand was chosen interim leader and premier on October 2.

1969 leadership convention[edit]

(Held June 21, 1969)[2]

1971 leadership convention[edit]

(Held June 19, 1971)[3]

First ballot:

Second ballot (Sevigny and Leveille eliminated):

Third ballot (Beaulieu eliminated):

Loubier resigned on March 30, 1974. Maurice Bellemare was chosen interim leader by the executive.

1976 leadership convention[edit]

(Held May 22, 1976)[4]

Biron resigned on March 3, 1980 and crossed the floor to join the Parti Québécois a few months later. Michel Le Moignan was chosen interim leader.

1981 leadership convention[edit]

(Held January 9, 1981)

1982 leadership convention[edit]

(Held October 24, 1982)

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