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The Icehouse, a Union Station building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Union Station is a downtown neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, US. In 2007, the population of the neighborhood was 3,475, and there were 2,530 housing units.[1] The neighborhood's average household income was $97,080 in 2000.[1]

The neighborhood is named for Union Station, Denver's main railroad terminal. Much of the Lower Downtown Historic District (known as LoDo) is in the Union Station Neighborhood, but the boundaries of the two are not the same, and LoDo is not one of the city's official, statistical neighborhoods.


  • Northwest: South Platte River
  • Northeast: 20th Street
  • Southeast: Lawrence Street
  • Southwest: 14th Street (chiefly)


Union Station and 19.5 acres (79,000 m2) of land surrounding it in the Union Station Neighborhood are slated for re-development.[2]


The 16th Street Mall ends in the Union Station Neighborhood. It then continues in a northwesterly direction towards the Highland Neighborhood as a pedestrian route. This route includes three pedestrian bridges: Highland Bridge, Denver Millennium Bridge, and the Platte River Bridge.


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