Union Township, Bergen County, New Jersey

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Historical population
Census Pop.
1860 957
1870 2,057 114.9%
1880 3,104 50.9%
1890 1,560 * −49.7%
1900 1,590 * 1.9%
1910 4,076 156.4%
* lost territory
Historical census data source:[1]

Union Township was a township that existed in Bergen County, New Jersey. The township was formed in 1852 from territory that had been the northwestern portion of Hudson County and was returned to Bergen County.

On February 22, 1840, Hudson County was formed by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature. The newly created county was created from territories that had been Bergen Township (1691) and from the southern portion of Lodi Township. The portion of Lodi Township taken at this time formed the new Harrison Township in Hudson County. The border between the newly created Harrison Township in Hudson County and the portion of Lodi Township remaining in Bergen County was the New Barbadoes Turnpike, which is now called Paterson Plank Road.

Some of the residents of the northern portion of Harrison Township requested to be returned to Bergen County. On February 19, 1852, this area — which had been part of Lodi Township — was returned to Bergen County to become the newly formed Union Township.

On September 21, 1881, Rutherford became the first borough to be formed under the terms of the New Jersey Legislature's Borough Act of 1878, based on a referendum of voters that passed the previous day. Rutherford Borough was fully separated from the township form of government in 1890 and acquired an additional portion of Union Township in that year.

On April 17, 1889, Boiling Springs Township was created from the northern portion of Union Township. This township was dissolved with the creation of the coterminous Borough of East Rutherford as of March 28, 1894.

The borough of North Arlington was created as of March 11, 1896, as the result of a referendum that took place two days earlier.

Finally, on March 27, 1917, the residents of the remaining portions of Union Township passed a referendum to change the name to Lyndhurst Township, which became effective as of May 15, 1917.


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Notable residents[edit]

Notable residents of Union Township include:


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