Union for Renewal and Democracy

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The Union for Renewal and Democracy (French: Union pour le Rénouveau et la démocratie) is a political party in Chad. Its current president is Sande Ngaryimbé,[1] its first being Wadel Abdelkader Kamougué.[2]

The party, which was founded by Kamougué, was founded in March 1992 and legalized in May 1992.[3] In the 1996 presidential election, Kamougué, as the URD candidate, took second place in the first round on June 2 with 12.39% of the vote; in the second round, held on July 3, he was defeated by incumbent President Idriss Déby, taking 30.91% of the vote compared to Déby's 69.09%.[4]

In the presidential election of 20 May 2001, Kamougué won 6.0% of the vote, and in the parliamentary election held on 21 April 2002, the URD won according to IPU Parline 3 out of 155 seats.

As of 2008, the URD is a member of the Coordination of Political Parties for the Defence of the Constitution (CPDC) opposition coalition.[2]

After Kamougué died in 2011 while campaigning, Ngaryimbé took over as the leader of the URD.


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