Union for the Nation (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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The Union for the Nation (French: Union pour la Nation, UN) is a Congolese electoral bloc formed by over 50 opposition supporters of Jean-Pierre Bemba, who was the major candidate in the 2006 presidential election and succeeding run-off against Joseph Kabila and is now a member of the Senate.

It was originally constituted as the Group of Congolese Nationalists (French: Regroupement des Nationalistes Congolais, RENACO) for Bemba's presidential candidacy. After Bemba lost the election, RENACO was re-constituted as the Union for the Nation with a more specific focus on nationalism and populism. It is a minority bloc in both the Senate (with 21 out of 108 seats) and National Assembly (with 116 out of 500 seats), only holds 1 governorship (in Équateur, Bemba's home province) and competes with the Alliance of the Presidential Majority, which is a majority bloc that supports Kabila.

Member parties[edit]