Union of Evangelical Baptists of Spain

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The Union of Evangelical Baptists of Spain (Spanish: Unión Evangélica Bautista Española) is a fellowship of Baptist churches in Spain.

The American William J. Knapp went to Spain in 1868 as a missionary. In 1870, a Baptist church was established in Madrid. Knapp left in 1876, but Eric Lund of Sweden came in 1877, reviving the work begun by Knapp.

An Unión Evangélica Bautista Española was founded in 1922, and then a Spanish Baptist Convention in 1929, the latter being the present union. It adopted the name of the previous organization, Unión Evangélica Bautista Española, in 1953.

The Union is a member of the European Baptist Federation and the Baptist World Alliance. In 2013, the Union had 11,297 members in 150 churches.

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