Union of Health and Social Care Professionals – Tehy

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TEHY logo.png
Full name Union of Health and Social Care Professionals - Tehy
Founded 1982
Members 150,000
Affiliation STTK, PSI
Office location Helsinki, Finland
Country Finland
Website www.tehy.fi

The Union of Health and Social Care Services - Tehy is a trade union in Finland. With 150 000 members Tehy is the major trade union for health care professionals, social workers and students of these professions in Finland. It is affiliated with the Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees, and Public Services International.

In the autumn of 2007, Tehy organised a mass resignation in which 12 800 nurses and other members gave their notice, ending their employment on 19 Nov 2007. The resignations are in advocacy of higher salaries for Tehy members. The Finnish parliament promptly passed a law that now allows the authorities to force nurses back to work.[citation needed]


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