Union of Moderate Parties

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Union of Moderate Parties
Leader Serge Vohor
Founded 1981
Ideology Conservative, Francophone
Political position Centre-right
4 / 52
Politics of Vanuatu
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The Union of Moderate Parties (Union des Partis Moderés) is a conservative Francophone political party in Vanuatu. At the last legislative elections, 30 October 2012, the party won 5 out of 52 seats. It now has four members after one of its members, MP Silas Yatan defected to the Green Confederation.

The party's influence grew after internal difficulties caused the Vanua'aku Pati government to fall in 1991. The UMP was the governing party in Vanuatu from 1991 to 1998. Former prime ministers Maxime Carlot Korman and Serge Vohor came from this party. However, the UMP suffered internal struggles of its own, and in the late 1990s, Corman left to form the Vanuatu Republican Party. Serge Vohor who hails from the Island Of Santo remains the president of UMP. It won 12 seats in the 1998 elections, 15 seats in the 2002 elections and 9 seats in the 2004 elections. Despite the obvious setback, Vohor was able to form a coalition government in August 2004, but lost a confidence vote four months later. From then until the 2008 elections, Vohor and the UMP sometimes were coalition partners in the Lini government, and at other times were in the opposition, serving as the largest opposition force. After the 2008 elections, the party remains an important political grouping, but is not expected to form the next government.

Serge Vohor has led the party since 1988. In February 2012, he was re-elected leader of the party, prior to the general election in October. This marks a longevity record for the leadership of any political party in Vanuatu.[1]