Union of Communication Workers

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Union of Communication Workers
Union of Post Office Workers logo.jpg
Founded 1 January 1919
Date dissolved 1995
Merged into Communication Workers' Union
Members 203,000 (1990)[1]
Journal The Post[2]
Affiliation TUC, Labour
Office location UCW House, Crescent Lane, Clapham
Country United Kingdom

The Union of Communication Workers (UCW) was a trade union in the United Kingdom for workers in the post office and telecommunications industries.


The union was founded in 1919 as the Union of Post Office Workers (UPW) by the merger of the Postmen's Federation, Postal and Telegraph Clerks' Association and the Fawcett Association. It achieved official recognition, and as a result, in 1920 the London Postal Porters' Association, Central London Postmen's Association, Tracers' Association, Tube Staff Association, Messengers' Association and Sorters' Association all merged with it.[3] It was banned legally from TUC membership from 1927 to 1946.[4] Its longest strike was for 7 weeks in 1971.

It changed its name in 1980, and merged with the National Communications Union in 1995 to form the Communication Workers' Union.[3]

General Secretaries[edit]


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