Union of Social Democrats

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Union of Social Democrats
Leader Mikhail Gorbachev
Founded October 20, 2007
Split from Social Democratic Party of Russia
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political position Center-left
International affiliation Socialist International

Union of Social Democrats (Russian: Союз социал-демократов, Soyuz sotsial-demokratov) is an all-Russian non-governmental organization founded on October 20, 2007 by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.[1]

The party has its roots in the former Social Democratic Party of Russia, which lost its official status in April 2007 due to low party membership.

The Union of Social Democrats skipped the 2007 general election, in order to concentrate on its ultimate goal: to become a mass political party by 2011.

In September 2008, Gorbachev announced the formation of the Independent Democratic Party of Russia.

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