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The Union of Ukrainian students in Germany (SUSN) (German: Bund Ukrainischer Studenten in Deutschland (BUSD); Ukrainian: Союз українських студентів у Німеччині (СУСН)) – is the organization of Ukrainian undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in Germany. The major functions of the organization are representation and protection of interests of Ukrainian students, informing about Ukraine and popularization of Ukrainian culture in Germany. There are more than 180 SUSN members in 19 cities of Germany.


The organization was established in Bonn in 1949. In 1952 the seat of governing bodies of the organization were relocated to Munich. In 2004 SUSN was revived by the new generation of Ukrainian students and since then it has been actively developing and functioning.


SUSN supports democratization of Ukraine. That’s why the members of the organization acted as independent observers at the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2004 and parliamentary elections in 2006. SUSN organizes monthly informal meetings dedicated to all things Ukrainian in Berlin and Munich. SUSN also holds regular presentations of Ukrainian culture within international festivals all over Germany. Besides, the organization provides informational and logistical support for the concerts of Ukrainian musicians in Germany. SUSN cooperates with the Ukrainian diaspora and other Ukrainian organizations in Germany and in Europe. There are SUSN student groups in the following cities of Germany: Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Hamburg, Hannover, Konstanz, Mainz, Munich, Nuremberg, Passau, Regensburg and Rostock.

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