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Unique World Records
Unique World Records Logo.svg
The Unique World Records logo
EditorSababbi Mangal(CE.)[1]
Country India
Series2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
SubjectWorld Records by all Countries
GenreWorld Record Database, Reference book
PublisherUnique World Records Limited (India)
Publication date
2009 - Present

Unique World Records is a world record book published in India. The reference book published annually, listing all world records in the categories of amazing facts, biggest, business, collections, creativity, education, extraordinary talent, inventions, marathon, memory and mental world, most and mass, people and places, smallest, strength and stamina, and youngest achievers.[2]

Unique World Records works to document the extraordinary out of ordinary people and showcase their talent to the entire world.[3]

Publication started in November 2009 and later converted into a Public Limited Company.[4]

The first edition was launched on 24 April 2013.[5]

The second edition was launched on 24 August 2014[6] by Sarup Chand Singla, chief parliamentary secretary & MLA Bathinda, Punjab India.[7]

The third edition was launched on 25 December 2016 [8] as digital edition on Google Play Books. It is free for reader[9]

Fourth edition launched on 25 December 2017 [10] as hard copy edition along with digital edition on Google Play Books. It is available for reader[11]

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