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Website www.unishkuri.in

Unish-Kuri, which literally means "nineteen twenty", targeted at teens and young adults, is one of the youngest fortnightly magazines published from ABP Ltd, publishers of Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph, of Kolkata, India, that took off as a new division, or wing of Anandamela, the 33-year-old children's magazine published in Bengali. It is published in Kolkata.

History and growth of the magazine[edit]

First published on 19 June 2004, the magazine was primarily focused on teenagers and young adults. Unish-Kuri also has a subsidiary called Unish-Kuri Career that deals exclusively with careers.


Unish-Kuri maintains a colorful outlook. When all magazines[citation needed] are doing away with fiction, Unish Kuri has established its romantic fiction section strongly among its readers. Also popular among its readers is fiction falling under thriller genre. Unish Kuri also publishes serial novels. The regular sections are:

  • Cover story,
  • Mail E-mail (readers' mails),
  • Teen fashion,
  • Beauty tips,
  • Solution to personal problems,
  • Career-related tips,
  • Laughter/humour,
  • Messageboard,
  • Sharing of readers' personal experiences,
  • Short story,
  • Serial novel
  • Celebrity interviews,
  • Latest from the world of science and IT,
  • Astrological predictions,
  • Campus news,
  • Debate,
  • Calendar (events of the fortnight).

The latest in content of Unish-Kuri is a special column by Rupam Islam, the popular youth icon from Kolkata, where Rupam gives advice and solution to the youth.

The magazine encourages article/fiction-contribution of readers.


Unish Kuri has started activities like Unish-Kuri model hunt, and melodious voice hunt from 2005. These talent hunts have been popular.

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