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Unit may refer to:

Science, technology, and medicine[edit]

  • Unit of measurement, a definite magnitude of a physical quantity, defined and adopted by convention or by law
  • Astronomical unit, a unit of length roughly between the Earth and the Sun
  • Blood unit, a measurement in blood transfusion is approximately 470ml [1]
  • English units, a historical units of measurement used in England up to 1824
  • Enzyme unit, a measurement of active enzyme in a sample
  • Equivalent (chemistry), a unit of measurement used in chemistry and biology
  • Geological unit or rock unit, a volume of identifiable rock or ice
  • GNU Units, a software program for unit conversion
  • International unit, a unit of measurement for nutrients and drugs
  • Natural unit, a physical unit of measurement
  • Statistical unit, a data point on which statistical analysis is performed
  • Unit testing, a method by which individual units of source code
  • Unit, a vessel or section of a chemical plant or other industrial plant where a step in a production process called a unit operation takes place
  • Central processing unit, the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program


Entertainment and the arts[edit]

  • UNIT, a fictional military organization in the science fiction television series Doctor Who
  • The Unit, an American television series
  • Unit of action, a discrete piece of action (or beat) in a theatrical presentation


Other uses[edit]

  • Unit (housing), a self-contained suite of rooms within a set of similar dwellings
  • Unit of account, a monetary unit of measurement
  • Unit of alcohol, a measure of the volume of pure ethanol in an alcoholic beverage
  • Active service unit, the former Provisional Irish Republican Army cell
  • Head unit, a component of a stereo system mounted inside of a vehicle
  • Military unit, a homogeneous military organization whose administrative and command functions are self-contained
  • Multiple unit, self-propelled train carriage capable of coupling other units of the same type
  • Strategic business unit, a profit center which focuses on product offering and market segment
  • Work unit, the name given to a place of employment in the People's Republic of China
  • A course credit at a school or other educational institution
  • The field goal unit in North American football

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