Unit 124

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Unit 124
Country North Korea
BranchNorth Korean Special Operation Force
TypeBlack op special forces
RoleAssassinate Park Chung-hee

Unit 124 was a North Korean Special Operation Forces unit, in the Korean People's Army (KPA).[1] Thirty-one men from the unit were handpicked to raid the Blue House and assassinate South Korean president Park Chung-hee in 1968.[2]

The Blue House raid failed, with 29 members of the unit being killed and one, Kim Shin-jo, captured. Just one member of the unit, Pak Jae-gyong, made it back to North Korea. He went on to become a general in the KPA, and a Vice Minister in the Ministry of People's Armed Forces.[2]

Although the unit was believed to have been disbanded after the raid,[3] it has been succeeded by the KPA's Special Battalions, part of the Reconnaissance Agency, formed to conduct intelligence gathering, espionage, terrorism and abduction operations in South Korea.

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