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Coordinates: 53°27′0.11″N 2°13′4.50″W / 53.4500306°N 2.2179167°W / 53.4500306; -2.2179167

Courtyard of Luther King House

Unitarian College Manchester, England, has been preparing students for ministry and lay leadership positions in the Unitarian and Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches since 1854. The College has a tradition of providing occasional overseas scholarships for students from kindred churches, particularly from Hungary and Romania.[1][2]

The Unitarian College, Manchester was established by the Unitarian Home Mission Board in 1854. It is to be distinguished from the dissenting academy "The Manchester Academy" or "Manchester College" based on the well-known Warrington Academy which was based in Manchester 1786–1803, York 1804–1840, Manchester again 1840–1853, London, in University Hall, Gordon Square 1853–1889 (where James Martineau taught), Oxford 1893–1995, and since 1996 is a full college of Oxford University as Harris Manchester College, Oxford. It was the move of the original academy to London as "Manchester New College, London" which occasioned the need for a separate establishment in Manchester in 1854.



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