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unite4:humanity awards
unite4:humanity logo
unite4:humanity logo
Awarded forPhilanthropic efforts
CountryUnited States
Presented byunite4:good and Variety
First awarded2014

unite4:humanity is an annual award ceremony and gala that takes place during the Thursday before the Academy Awards. First held in 2014, the unite4:humanity gala celebrates humanitarian efforts and philanthropists throughout the world, giving awards in several different fields.[1]


unite4:humanity was the launching pad for businessman and philanthropist Anthony Melikhov, who founded the international non-profit organization unite4:good foundation following the first event's success.[2] unite4:good is a movement developed to, "inspire and empower positive, global change through acts of kindness."[3]

unite4:humanity 2014[edit]

The first unite4:humanity gala was held on Thursday, February 27, 2014, at Sony Pictures Studios, in Los Angeles, California. The event was immediately well received by the public as a successful fundraiser and awards ceremony. Executive produced by Melikhov, Unite4:Humanity was created to demonstrate, "commitment to a mission of promoting positivity, inspiring charitable engagement and empowering acts of kindness and service."[1][4] Comedian Andy Samberg was master of ceremonies and numerous celebrities in the fields of entertainment, business, and politics attended.[5][6][7] Some notable guests at the event include:

Former President Bill Clinton was the recipient of the Unity Recognition Award and the keynote speaker for the event. The former president delivered a speech about working together to make change and earned several standing ovations throughout the night. He was also seen taking "selfies" with numerous celebrities including star of HBO Comedy VEEP, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.[9]

unite4:humanity 2015[edit]

The second unite4:humanity awards took place February 19, 2015, hosted by Variety and the united4:good foundation. The mentioned guests at this year's event were:[10]

  • The 4:inspiration heroes Stephanie Yee, Hannah Weinronk, and Sunny Kim were selected out of seven candidates to receive grants of $50,000 each that went to their nonprofit organization Real Food Challenge.
  • Special guests that presented awards were, among others, Demi Lovato, Blair Underwood, Wilmer Valderrama, Forest Whitaker.
Awards received
Recipient Award Main organization of work
Halle Berry Creative Conscience Award Jenesee Center
Lauren and Aaron Paul unite2gether Award Kind Campaign
P!nk Music Visionary Award No Kid Hungry (Jeff Bridges also supports)
Josh Hutcherson Young Humanitarian Award Straight But Not Narrow
Christina Applegate Saint Vintage Love Cures Award Right Action for Women
Ewan McGregor International Humanitarian Award UNICEF UK
Amy Poehler[11] Unity Award
Zendaya[11] Young Luminary Award

unite4:humanity 2016[edit]

The 3rd Annual Unite4:Humanity Event, hosted by unite4:good foundation and Variety, took place February 25, 2016, held at the Montage in Beverly Hills, CA.[12] This year guests were Morgan Freeman, Olivia Wilde, Matthew McConaughey, Gina Rodriguez, Wilmer Valderrama, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller.[13]

Funds raised through the event will benefit the DoMore4:Good organization, which creates positive programs with volunteer opportunities that are supported and sustained by local communities.

The first award were given by unite4:good founder, Anthony Melikhov, to Hilarity for Charity founders, Rogen and Miller, for their work in raising awareness and funds for those suffering from Alzheimer's and their families.

Actor and comedian Adam Pally of “Happy Endings” and “The Mindy Project” was the host of the affair.[14]

Awards received
Recipient Award Main organization of work
Gina Rodriguez [15] Young Humanitarian We Will Foundation
Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller [16] Unite2gether award Hilarity for Charity
Morgan Freeman [17] Karma Award Tallahatchie River Foundation
Matthew McConaughey [18] Creative Conscience Award Just keep livin Foundation
Olivia Wilde [19] Unite4Children Award Save the Children
Ann Gloag [18] Global Philanthropy Award The Freedom From Fistula Foundation
Liz Hausle [18] Women Empowerment Award
Dorian Murray [14] Saint Vintage Love Cures Award
David Meltzer[20] Sports Humanitarian Award Crescent Moon Foundation

Anthony Melikhov[edit]

Anthony Melikhov is an entrepreneur, global philanthropist, and the founder of unite4:good LLC. [21] [22]


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