United 300

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United 300
Directed by Andy Signore
Produced by Andy Signore
Written by John Carreon
Daniel Hartley
Andy Signore
Music by Adrian Burka
Cinematography John Carreon
Edited by Andy Signore
Distributed by SecretSauce.tv
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
Running time
5 minutes
Country United States
Language English

United 300 is an American short film that parodies United 93 (2006) and 300 (2007). It won the MTV Movie Spoof Award at the MTV Movie Awards 2007. The short was created by Andy Signore along with some of his friends. During his speech, he said, roughly, "The film was not making fun of a tragedy; it was a tribute to those who stood up against tyranny".[1]


The film is about the 300 Spartans defending the passengers against German terrorists. The Spartans defend the entryway to the cockpit of the plane in a parallel to how the Spartans in 300 defended the narrow pass of Thermopylae.

In between fighting, the terrorists' emperor Jerxes (wearing the same costume as Xerxes in 300) holds audience with Leonidas while sitting on his "throne" (the plane lavatory's toilet). Jerxes criticizes Gerard Butler's performance as Leonidas in 300, by asking the Spartan King why he has to shout all of his dialogue, and pointing out that if he shouts less, the times when he does shout will have more dramatic impact. Leonidas responds to this by declaring that "I'm not yelling, I'm just passionate!" Leonidas also threatens to take the plane down, to which Jerxes warns that "We'll be forced to land in Ohio!" Leonidas responds, "Then tonight, we dine in Cleveland!" At one point, turbulence causes the plane's captain to turn on the "wear seatbelts" sign, which both sides observe and leads to a pause in the fighting, glaring awkwardly at each other from their seats. Once the turbulence passes the fight erupts again. At the end, Jerxes proclaims "This is madness!" and is kicked out of the plane's airlock. Leonidas responds, "This is United!"



  • Chris Bradley
  • Ryan Caldwell
  • Shaun Gomez as Ajax
  • Art Green
  • Bob MacColl
  • Travis McElory
  • Brad Morriston
  • Guy M. Nardulli
  • Micah Nauman
  • Rama
  • Geoff Stirling
  • John Theodore as bandaged Spartan
  • Jeff Victor
  • Sigmound Watkins


  • Dave Bell
  • Alphounse Boulanger as older passenger
  • Ahren Boulanger
  • Sharon Cottrell
  • Daniel Hartley
  • Miranda Signore


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