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The Seal of the United American Committee.

The United American Committee (commonly called the UAC) is a non-partisan, non-profit, 501c(3) organization dedicated to educating the nation about the current threats that they believe are confronting the U.S., with the primarily focus on confronting Islamic extremism. The organization was active from 2004 until 2009 when it merged membership with American Congress for Truth,[1] another non-profit with the same educational mission regarding bringing attention to issues concerning American national security.

The UAC stated that it monitors threats which face America and encourages U.S. citizens to become involved in national security issues. Adherents of the beliefs of the United American Committee believe that citizens must take a role in the activities of the nation. The UAC works to promote a sense of American patriotism, and encourages America to awaken to what it calls "the threats of Islamic extremism" by promoting the agenda laid out in the UAC Platform through media campaigns.

Key elements[edit]

The United American Committee follows the UAC Platform which focuses on a wide range of topics, including educating the nation's citizens regarding alternative energy, and educating the public on the nature of Islamic militancy. The platform also stresses the issues of national security, border security, immigration, as well as other topics which face the nation that they believe the average citizen has a right to know about.


The UAC platform was written to formulate the primary policies of the United American Committee. Finalized in 2005, the platform lays out the foundation of the UAC. Focusing on countering the spread of Islamic extremism in America, the platform promotes beliefs held by members of the United American Committee, and encourages a tough stance on the issue of terrorism and Islamic extremism in the United States.

  1. Our goal is the unity of all Americans, against the threats of Islamic extremism which face our nation and a goal of ensuring a secure future for America. We will accomplish our goals set forth through the following actions: Educate our society on the natures of our enemies. Inform the American people on issues which must be resolved.
  2. Our goal is that freedom for all religious faiths continues, insofar as they do not endanger the American people, or the existence of democracy.
  3. Our goal is the education of the American people regarding the philosophies and activities of our enemies which are operating from within the United States borders. Furthermore, it is the duty of every American to report to authorities any activities observed which may inflict harm upon the American people.
  4. We will promote awareness of the dangers in lenient sentencing of terrorists and the benefits of harsh sentences in regards to terrorist activities.
  5. We will educate the nation regarding how our enemies may use our immigration policies against us.
  6. Our nation's security shall come first and foremost. The United American Committee is dedicated to protecting the American people, and allowing them to live safe and comfortable lives, without the threats of Islamic extremism and terrorist activities. We feel a key to accomplishing this is by maintaining a secure border. Our goal is to promote citizen involvement in this issue, through showing support for border patrol and immigration agents as well as assisting by encouraging on the ground support through volunteer activism.
  7. We encourage close scrutinization of the funding of any organization from a foreign source, and are dedicated to bringing attention to the American people of any foreign funded organization which may pose a threat to the existence of democracy.
  8. Our goal is to work towards ending dependency on oil, and educating the American people on the dangers of importing oil from countries tied to Islamic extremism. The United American Committee also encourages automotive corporations to pursue alternative fuels in order to help decrease the funding of foreign regimes which have known ties to Islamic extremism.
  9. The United American Committee believes education is a key to a bright future. We desire for the education system of America to teach our youth the facts, and the true nature of our extremist enemies. We hope to encourage our nation's educators so that they shall not feel pressure to withhold vital information for fear of reprimand due to political correctness. Our youth are our nation's future. We must hold their education to the highest level of importance.
  10. Our goal is to encourage Muslim Americans to embrace democratic ideals, and the American way of life. All citizens are equal and are entitled to the rights granted by the United States constitution. These rights may only be revoked when an individual, regardless of creed or race, commits an act against his/her fellow American or against the American populace, whether by action or intent. We encourage American Muslims to denounce the ideals of our extremist enemies, and to stand against our enemy's terrorist actions.[2]

Agenda of the UAC[edit]

Billboard created by the UAC. This particular billboard appeared on the Detroit-Toledo I-75 expressway.

Projects included projects such as book distributions, campus panel discussions,[3] and a campaign to stop Al Jazeera broadcasting in English due to its purported "friendly" relationships with Al Qaeda and other so-called Islamic extremist organizations. In addition to the UAC Platform, the United American Committee strongly stresses vigilance within U.S. borders. The UAC encourages Americans to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings, particularly in monitoring suspected Islamic extremist activities. The United American Committee's other topics include women's rights, which the UAC believes are often violated by some Islamic regimes, and efforts to educate Americans on this issue.


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